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Hi there!


Thank you for considering me to be your hairstylist.

Your experience starts when you submit an appointment request on my booking site.  After you submit your request, I will double check that the date, time, and service makes the most sense for your hair needs, if all looks good, I will accept your request as is. 


If I need any additional information or clarification, I will send you an email.  I may ask you to send me pictures of your current hair and your desired looks as well.  This will be very helpful for both of us. 

The day of your appointment. Once you arrive at Omni Suites in Meridian, come in the main entrance and make your way to Suite 2.  You will make a left at the beautiful wooden wall and I am the second door to your left.     

Once you get settled in my private suite, we will have a thorough consultation to best identify your hair goals, lifestyle needs, and maintenance plan.  We will discuss what you love about your hair and what you are not loving about it.  I will help you address any challenges you may have.  If you are here for a color, a formula will be custom blended for you and recorded so that it is always ready.  

I have Wi-Fi, beverages, phone chargers and more to keep you comfortable during your visit.  

We will finish your service with a blow dry and style.  I will recommend hair care and styling products and I will show you how to achieve the finished look at home.

I LOVE to take before and after photos (with your permission, of course!) Taking your photos not only allows other lovely ladies like yourself to see my work, but YOU to see your transformation!

Once we are finished, you can book your next appointment while you're still in the chair, or I will give you a booking card with my online booking site information with the recommended service for your next appointment.  




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